HHTS A short-term training program on TCM diagnosis and treatment techniques has been launched
Date:2022-02-16 Topics : Healthy


IMale training program


     1Prostatic hypertrophy, frequent urination, urgent urination, nocturia, endless urination, urinary bifurcation

     2Sexual dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation

     3Scrotum moist, vulva itching

     4Kidney deficiency deficiency, sexual coldness, penis erection weakness, firm and not quite

     5Male genitalia (glans inflammation, eczema, itching, odor)

     6A needle adjustment of male penis growth of 1-3 cm (this separate training, each person can experience once, on the spot effect, additional charge)


IIGynecology Training Program


    1Mammary gland hyperplasia, menstruation breast distension pain, mammary gland nodules, attached mammary lump

    2Uterine fibroids, cervical erosion

    3Internal and external pruritus, leucorrhea, yellow belt, black belt, irregular menstruation (delayed menstruation, early menstruation, blood clots), dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, vaginal dryness, sexual apathy

    4Infertility, cold limbs, uterine ptosis, gastric ptosis

    5Female vagina loose pool, shrink Yin, hip, high and low hip, long legs

    6Facial muscle enhancement, discoloration, dark circles, puffy eyes, acne hormone face

    7Plump face, breast enhancement, breast sagging (lifting firm)


IIINeck shoulder waist and leg pain training program


    1Head pain: anterior headache, posterior headache, migraine, top pain

    2Neck pain: cervical vertebra pain in lowering head, cervical vertebra pain in raising head, cervical vertebra pain in swinging head and turning head

    3Shoulder pain: arm lifting pain, shoulder lifting pain, back lifting pain

    4Lumbar pain: lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, acute lumbar sprain, kidney deficiency lumbago, blood stasis lumbago, sciatica

    5Knee joint pain: knee arthritis, up and down stairs pain, squat up and down pain, half a month wear knee joint fluid

    6Ankle pain: ankle sprain, ankle swelling and pain

    7Foot pain: heel pain, plantar pain, foot back pain

    8Elbow pain: tennis elbow, golf elbow, heavy lifting pain and weakness

    9Wrist pain: wrist sprain, thumb tenosynovitis

    10Abdominal pain: stomach pain, stomach distension, gastric acid paradoxical gas, stomach cramps, small abdominal pain


IVDifficult and miscellaneous disease training program


    1Hypertension: high pressure, high pressure, high pressure, high pressure, low blood pressure

    2Diabetes mellitus: high fasting blood glucose, high blood glucose after meals, low blood glucose

    3Gout disease: analgesic gout, clear uric acid index

    4Coronary heart disease: angina pectoris, chest tightness, shortness of breath, panting

    5Skin diseases: psoriasis, eczema, herpes zoster, atopic dermatitis

    6Hemiplegia sequela: stroke cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction first aid method, stroke sequela hands and feet movement restriction conditioning method, aphasia

    7Epilepsy: epileptic seizure first aid method, epileptic recuperation method

    8Rhinitis disease: chronic rhinitis, acute rhinitis, allergic rhinitis

    9Hemorrhoids: external hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids

    10Infertility disease: male and female infertility, baby boy secret recipe

    11Male penis lengthening: effect on the spot (can prolong 1-3 cm)

    12Laughter disorder: laughter, continuous paradoxical X


VProject the above training contents and methods


1The above training contents and methods

      Adopt comprehensive methods such as needlework, manipulation and Traditional Chinese medicine, simple to simple, simple to learn, easy to operate, hand in hand teaching, to ensure learning, zero basic students can learn, on-site demonstration operation, on-site arrangement of students in pairs  

2End of training course

      At the end of the training course, the trainees will be issued with certificates of health Management division, TCM Physiotherapist, TCM Rehabilitation Division, TCM Acupuncture division and TCM recuperator;

3Training fee distribution method

      ATraining fee will be allocated in a proportion negotiated between the Chinese Technical team AND YBOT WELLNESS AND HEALTHCARE CLUB LIMITED

      BProportion of training fee allocation shall be decided by DELE and Du Zhizheng after opinions are sought

      CVisa training agreement between Chinese Technical team AND YBOT WELLNESS AND HEALTHCARE CLUB LIMITED