Jiang's whole acupoint freehand weight loss fast weight loss method
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IObesity - a burden on society


      World Obesity Day, which falls on October 11 every year, is an unblessed holiday; According to a new report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the burden of obesityPrevention Economics, or the Weight Of Obesity, says there is an urgent need to slim down, If unchecked, life expectancy in developed and rich parts of the world could fall by three years by 2050Perhaps 90m people "die of obesity";Obesity is a hot issue in the world and a heavy burden on society;


      The Burden of Obesity predicts that by 2030, one in two Americans will be overweightBy 2050, life expectancy in the United States is likely to fall by four years, the largest decline among OECD countriesToday, 58 percent of adults in OECD countries are overweight or obese, waist circumference has increased, workplaces have expanded, and plus-size children and adolescents have gone from "rare" to "common.In rich countries, where overweight people make up three-fifths of the population and are increasingly unproductive, being overweight can affect career choices, lower employment rates and even lower earnings;


      Weight Burden predicts that in 30 yearsNearly 60 percent of new cases of diabetes may be related to obesity or overweightAs a result, member states have to spend 8.4 per cent of their health budgets to tackle obesity-related problems, at a cost of at least $42.3 billion a year;


      Burden of Obesity stresses urgent action by OECD members "to tackle weight as firmly and as strongly as tobacco control"; Causes of overweight and obesity in various countriesThese include: 50 percent eat an unhealthy diet, 40 percent are sedentary, and a third don't get enough exercise;


      At present, Austria, Vienna, Paris and others are trying to get people to moveFree yoga, Pilates and fitness classes for all agesIn places such as Paris, Vienna and New York, designing and maintaining bike lanes to encourage people to cycle could help curb obesity;


      According to relevant survey data, the rate of overweight children and teenagers is 12.1%The obesity rate was 11.9%, and the overweight and obesity rate of males was significantly higher than that of females, accounting for 31% of males and 34.84% of females,Overall overweight rate among adults is 15 percent, and significantly more women than men need to lose weight;  


      The average fat intake of Chinese residents should be kept between 30% and 35%, while the actual intake of saturated fatty acids of the general population should be less than 25%Surveys show that the average daily intake of fat exceeds 38%, and the actual intake of saturated fatty acids is as high as 44%According to the data, 31.2 percent of people aged 20-30 need to lose weight, 26.8 percent of people aged 41-50 and only 6.3 percent of people aged 61-70Significantly more women than men need to lose weight;


IIObesity is a disease


      Modern medical research has found that people's body fat is not just an ugly appearanceMore importantly, it can cause coronary heart disease, hypertension, fatty liver and many other diseases, and women are easy to cause endocrine disorders and other diseases;


      Because of obesity, human cells are not sensitive to insulinPatients with glucose tolerance often decreased, total fat, cholesterol, triglyceride and free fatty acid often increasedShow hyperlipidemia and hyperlipoprotein blood disease, which is the foundation of diseases such as atherosclerosis of diabetic artery, coronary heart disease, cholelithiasis and hypertension;


      Obesity is not just a problem of losing weight. It is a disease, and some people die from it.People want to be healthy must cure, cure first lose weight, With the continuous improvement of people's health consciousness, more and more attention has been paid to their own health care, and the aesthetic concept has also changedIn order to have a healthy body and good shape, more and more people join the ranks of losing weight;


      Fat main reason is food overmuch activity is too little, human body adipose metabolization is disorder, of airframe energy take in exceed use up, redundant energy is stored with adipose form be caused byBody energy balance is affected by many factors such as diet, exercise, endocrine disease and heredity.With the continuous development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the number of obese patients in different ages, regions and professions will also increase;


      Generally speaking, under the premise of the same age, men need more calories than women, young people need more calories than old people, physical workers need more calories than mental workers, and people with more activity need more calories than people with less activitySo when we arrange our life, we can not only start from our own dietary hobbies, especially in the people's living standard is improving day by day, the supply of food is more and more rich today should pay attention to this problemIn addition to the above factors, the pathogenesis of obesity is also related to genetic, mental, hyperinsulinemia, abnormal brown adipose tissue and other factors;


      1Genetic factors: generally obese parents, or their family has a history of obesity, the likelihood of obesity in their children is very large;

      Epidemiological investigation shows that: both parents are obese, their children suffer from simple obesity than the parents of normal weight children 5 ~ 8 times higher;


      A child with a normal-weight parent has a 7 percent chance of being obese, a 40 percent chance if one parent is obese, and a 70 percent to 80 percent chance if both parents are obese;


      2Mental factors: there are two pairs of neural nuclei related to feeding behavior in the hypothalamus of humans and many animals: one pair is the ventromedial nucleus, also known as the satiety centerAnother pair is ventral lateral nucleus also known as hunger center.Satiety center excitement feels satiety from time to time and refuse to feed, appetite sows up when destruction, appetite is exuberant when hungry center excitement, when destruction anorexia refuses to feed; The two regulate and restrict each other, and are in a dynamic equilibrium state under physiological conditions, so that appetite can be adjusted to a normal range and normal body weight can be maintained.When sequela of meningitis, encephalitis, wound, tumor and other pathological change, hypothalamus produces pathological changes if nucleus inside the abdomen is destroyed, function of nucleus outside the abdomen is relatively hyperactive and gluttonous do not have disgusted, cause fat;


IIICommon Ways to lose weight


      On the market multifarious products and methods to reduce weight, the effect is different, they usually with sports, diet, tea, liposuction, yoga, swimming, acupuncture and moxibution to complete the form of weight loss.Common ways to lose weight are


      1Drugs to lose weight


      Principle: Weight-loss drugs are mainly divided into three categories;One group are appetite suppressants, which suppress the central nervous system so you don't want to eat againOne is to accelerate the excretion of the body, containing diuretics, rhubarb, senna and other components, can directly transfer the water in the body from the body outThe other is a fat - and calorie-burning agent that increases the amount of energy you burn each day and drains the fat you eat


      Advantages: faster way to lose weight, no need to diet, easy to take


      Disadvantages: Once the drug is stopped, the weight rebound is like a miracle.A young lady ever trust a person to bring a kind of specific effect reducing weight from abroad, after taking, the weight of the first month reduced 10 cattiesShe stopped taking her medicine because she was visibly much weaker.Unexpectedly, this stop, the weight has soaredWithin half a year, her weight rises from 98 catties to 160 catties originally, and how to reduce can't reduce come down


      It is drug three points poison, long-term taking weight loss drugs, will have adverse effects on the nervous system, cardiovascular, kidney and so onSo far, the world has not found a effective weight loss without any adverse reactions to the body drugs


      2Hungry to lose weight


      How it works: One is to eat less, avoiding staple foods and carbohydrates and eating only fruits, vegetables or soups. The other is the eating method, according to the delicious food, and then secretly sneak to the toilet, with the hand or toothbrush to pick the root of the tongue, will just eat the food out


      Pros: No drug side effects, no hard exercise, and no pain from surgery


      Cons: Dieting sounds natural, but it's dangerousCause malnutrition, metabolic rate to reduce, anaemia, immunity to drop, energy is not concentrated, the skin flabby without burnish and so onAlthough the effect reducing weight is obvious, but rebound very easily, once stop to go on a diet, hungry cell can absorb nutrition without choice, accentuate fat.And, time grows extremely easy to cause anorexia, endanger life


      Apart from food, gastric acid and electrolytes will be excreted during vomiting. Gastric acid will erode the enamel of teeth and cause tooth decay. In serious cases, finger skin will rot.Spitting out electrolytes puts extra strain on the heartIn addition, long-term buckle throat can derive a variety of problems, such as diarrhea, habitual vomiting and malnutrition, often buckle throat sequelae are also many


      3Exercise for weight loss


      Principle: improve basic metabolic rate through exercise, make body fat burn quickly, control weight


      Advantage: while reducing weight, still can improve heart and lung function, prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, it is healthy, effective way reducing weight.


      Cons: Not all exercises have weight loss effectsAfter intense exercise, blood sugar level will be reduced, so that people's appetite is greatly stimulated, accidentally, the food calories will exceed the calories consumed during exerciseAnd short time motion, if jump fitness hold, duration only has 1 hour or so about or so, right now adipose ability just begins decomposition, you stopped motion however, what to have effect reducing weightStill have fast explosive force movement, what get exercise basically is white muscle fiber, cross section of this kind of fiber is thicker, reduce weight with this method, can more practice more strong only


      4Smoke fat to reduce weight


      Principle: in need of liposuction part of a small opening, the liposuction tube into the fat layer, and then use the negative pressure liposuction machine to suck out the fat


      Advantage: need only half hour to the time of 1 hour, weight is reduced immediately, and think thin where thin where.While losing weight, it can also shape the body's slim curve


      Cons: Pulling only one part can cause body proportions to be out of syncFor example, if you have liposuction on your arms, you will appear to have more meat on your back, so you have to have liposuction on your backAfter the operation, we need to put on tight clothes. If it is hot and sweaty, the recovery period of more than a month is very difficult. If we do not pay attention to the adjustment of diet, the weight will still rebound, as before the operation


      Liposuction only removes subcutaneous fat, leaving visceral fat in place, so it does not reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease


      5Fat absorption to lose weight:


      Adipose is human body growth, development, repair important material, it can supply human body heat, promote inside body to use sugar and proteinTo maintain the normal growth of human body, healthy skin, healthy brain, as well as the production of essential fatty acids required for endocrine regulation, is the human body must not lack of nutrients


      The so-called fat is the three nutrients: lipids, sugars, and proteins.1. Saturated fatty acids (found in animal fats such as meat, eggs, milk, etc.)2, monounsaturated fatty acids (peanut oil, olive oil, etc.);3, polyunsaturated fatty acids (sunflower seed oil, rapeseed oil, walnut oil, etc.)


      Fat is the substance that maintains a balanced diet and vital signs, and without it there would be no vital signsBut if the fat intake is too much, it will bring harm to the body, and even obesityExpert proposal: suck adipose meeting to need do not need suck away, because this suck adipose reduce weight is not desirable


IVLose weight error


      Reducing weight, as the name implies, is to reduce the body's excess fat, thereby reducing weightAt present, many products in the society play the banner of "losing weight", in fact, many products just through diarrhea and other ways, discharge water in the body, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing weightUsing diarrhea to lose weight is easy to lead to human nutrition imbalance, destroy immunity, fatigue, anorexia and other side effects, not worth advocating, and soon reboundThis is not really losing weight, but reducing water, this is myth number one


      Myth 2In daily life, weight-loss drugs and weight-loss products are easily confusedIf the food reducing weight tea on market, reducing weight is waited a momentThese are weight-loss supplements that need only be tested on animals before they are approved for marketingAnd weight-loss medicine is to need to pass human body test, prove its safety and effective, and obtain the approval document number of national food and drug Administration, just can appear on the market, its strictness is extraordinary


      Myth 3Some people use do not eat or eat less to consume adipose, achieve reduce weightWeight loss is rapid in the first few weeks, but the longer you go on a diet, the less weight you loseThat's because for every three servings of fat you lose through dieting, you break down a muscle block, slowing it downThe body's ability to digest fat and food, if you control your diet for a long time, will slow down the body's metabolic rate, which is even more detrimental to the effect of weight lossSo, it is not enough to rely on diet to lose weight alone, and excessive dieting will destroy the body's muscle energy, affect health


      Myth 4In an attempt to lose weight, some have gone so far as to inject pregnant women with urineStudies have shown that urine alone does not help you lose weight. Pregnant women's urine contains human chorionic gonadotropinHuman chorionic gonadotropin has nothing to do with weight loss.What this case introduces reduces weight is to need not product and instrument reduce weight


VThe project name:


      Jiang's whole acupoint freehand weight loss fast weight loss method.


VIProject Technical Holder:


      Jiang's whole acupoint freehand weight loss fast weight loss methodIt is the founder of jiang's traditional Chinese medicine method of keeping healthy and losing weight by handJiang Jing, the original person responsible for the theory and technique of unarmed weight loss


      Jiang Jing was born in 1989 in Wuhan, Hubei ProvinceGraduated from Hubei University of Economics.Currently, he is the technical director of Shenzhen Ronglian Ecological Technology Co., LTD


      It is the nature of Jiang Jing to have individuality and like independent thinking, and to respect knowledge and long for technology is her lifelong pursuitKang hopes to fulfill her dream of doing business one day. Because of the dream, she has become addicted to traditional Chinese medicine and health, and her lifestyle has become slightly different


      Get up at 6:30 and go to bed at 12:30Start with one person, two hands, two beds and start with your own bodyIn the past two years, we have solved one bottleneck after another and broken through one obstacle after another, relying on our own "drill, endure" strengthThe weight loss experiment will be a successFinally she lost 105 jin from the original 140Therefore, she established a brand and introduced jiang's all-acupoint freehand rapid weight loss method to the market;  


      Jiang's whole acupoint free hand weight loss rapid weight loss technologyAs long as strictly in accordance with jiang Jing's invention of the "whole acupoint weight loss by hand fast weight loss method"Can quickly master the full set of unarmed point weight loss techniques, to achieve safe and fast weight loss to ensure no problem.