A mysterious acupoint enables the "ice and snow" in you to turn into prehistoric power
Date:2022-03-14 Topics : Medical Technology

    In life, there are many friends, especially female friends, often accompanied by hand and foot temperatureA lot of people with this symptom, began to complain, do not be afraid, as long as the understanding of a mysterious acupointLet you "ice and snow in the body" into "prehistoric power", no longer for the hands and feet not warm and complain


1、How is brothers lukewarm to return a responsibility


    Normally, the hands and feet of the human body should be warm in winter and cool in summer, but now many people tend to be the oppositeCold hands and feet in winter, serious can appear frostbite;Summer when hands and feet fever hair hot, at night when sleeping inexplicable have a sense of irritabilityEspecially female friends, in the advent of menstruation, accompanied by dysmenorrhea symptoms, which is more spleen and stomach cold deficiency and kidney Yang insufficient performance


2、Hand and foot temperature how to do


    For the treatment of this disease, often using warm Yang spleen, tonifying kidney YangDeficiencycold constitution people's body is like winter, cold abnormal, freezing, there will be hands and feet unstable status, men will be accompanied by impotence premature ejaculation, and women will appear dysmenorrhea, infertility and other diseases, just think, in the winter of what will not grow and develop, even if the development is quite slowSo let the spring sun shine into our bodies to warm the ice and snow, and let the ice and snow inside us become a trickle of spring


    With what method let "the ice and snow in the body" turn into "primordial power"?Massage one acupoint is enough


3、Taixi acupoint treatment of hand and foot temperature what magic



    This acupoint is taixi acupoint, so that the body is an important place to gather Yang qiIn fact, Taixi point is also the first one of the human body, people mostly know that Zusanli is a big tonic point of the human body, compared to the two pointsTaixi point tends to fill congenital, Zusanli tends to fill the day after tomorrow, so tonifying kidney and strengthening Yang should start from Taixi point


    Taixi acupoint belongs to Foot Shaoyin Yuan acupoint, the location is very easy to find, located at the ankle, that is, the depression between the posterior medial malleolus and the tendon of the heel boneOur left foot has taixi point, which is symmetrical on both sides, and our right foot also has Taixi point.An ancient book says, "Kidney also originated from Taixi Acupoint, Taixi Ii;”


    Taixi Acupoint is closely related to kidney health, and is known as "the first major acupoint for human body".Kidney is the congenital origin of human body, the yuan Yin and Yuan Yang of human body are derived from this, so kidney is the source of human vitality.Taixi point this acupoint name refers to the formation of a larger stream of water in the kidney, which belongs to the original point of the kidney


   In ancient times, Taixi Acupoint was also known as "one of the Nine Hui Yang Acupoints", which has the effect of hui Yang to save the inverseIn the past, doctors in the diagnosis of dying patients, if the beating artery can be felt at this point, it means that the patient's kidney qi failure, but also can be treatedIf it doesn't, it's a sign that the patient's Yin and his time is up


4、Method of pressing or moxibustion Taixi point


    If hands and feet are cold in life, Taixi point can be used as a common health care point. After work and life, it can be pressed or moxibustion every day, which can play a very good therapeutic effectAcupoints can be used to sit, flat plantar or supine position, Taixi acupoints in the inner side of the foot, behind the medial malleolus and the depression between the tendon of the heel bone, each press 60~100 times, make local acid, pain, 1 ~ 2 times a day


   Many ways of health care, we need to constantly adhere to the usual, this acupoint is simple, massage is also simple and convenient, suitable for long-term adhere to, let us in line with the purpose of health, adhere to the operation, stimulate the human body's vital energy, release your primal power