Important acupuncture points of the human body effect massage method
Date:2022-05-16 Topics : Medical Technology

01、Baihui point is to lead qi and blood up:

Operation method: Hold empty fist in hand and press Baihui acupoint with rapid and intermittent technique for about 5 minutes each time.The intensity of attention should be moderate.Or run a comb through your head until it's slightly hot.Or dry your hair with your fingers once a day before you get up and once before you go to bed; Baihui acupuncture point is in the center of the head, the two ears straight on the midpoint.


02、Tianzhu Acupoint is the most refreshing and healthy brain:

Operation method: press and knead dazhong point and Tianzhu 30-50 times, can also be used to press the finger abdomen here for 6 seconds and then slowly loosen.So repeatedly press, do not hesitate to do; Dazhong Acupoint is located on the inner side of the foot, below the medial malleolus, and the inner front depression of the Achilles tendon attachment goes down 1 cm.Tianzhu acupoint is located in the concave just below the posterior brain bone.In the neck there is a protruding muscle (trapezius muscle) this muscle lateral concave, posterior hairline median open about 2 cm is;(Can't pick holes?Pay attention to the "Meridian Skills" public account, click the point query or enter any point in the public account to query, you can find the point);



03、Partial headache is looking for rate valley point:

Operation method: Massage Rate valley point at 11 o 'clock every night, once a day, 10 minutes each time.You can do it at any time.It not only treats migraines but also improves sleep; Rate valley point is located at the top of the ear tip, just 1.5 inches in front of the ear tip.



04、Jiexi point is an antidote to dizziness:

Operation method: Press Jiexi point 10 times a day, loosen it after 10 seconds each time, and press it again for a month;Do ankle rolls; Sitting cross-legged on the bed, holding the ankles and soles of the feet with both hands and slowly turning;Sit on a chair, tiptoe on the ground, with ankles as the axis of rotation.Every time left and right foot rotation 100 times each morning and evening, long-term adherence to health care effect is very good;Where the ankle and foot meet, there is a hard tendon, and there is a nest next to the hard tendon is Jiexi point;



05、Shenting Acupoint with Yintang Acupoint:

Operation method: use the index finger and middle finger of the finger abdomen from Yintang point up to The Court of God, and then in this two points to press, 3-5 minutes to have a slight heat, do it at any time.If you knead two points before going to bed, you can sleep soundly, and the symptoms of insomnia and dreams will disappear;Shenting is located in the head of the human body, the current hairline is straight on 0.5 inches, Yintang is located in the midpoint of the double eyebrow line;



06、Datun point allows your blood pressure to be fast and stable:

Method of operation: Gently pinch Datun point with nails or moxibustion at this part, moxibustion time between 10 to 15 minutes, adhere to more than half a month.The public account of meridian skills suggests that this acupoint has the effect of calming and stabilizing emotions, and can't sleep can also knead it for 2-3 minutes;Big Dun point is about 0.1 inches beside the toenail Angle of the lateral great toe.



07、Listening acupoints is used for deafness with irascibility:

Method of operation: Massage the listening point with index finger 350--400 for about 15 minutes;Auditory hui point is located at the posterior edge of the hip protrusion of the mandible in front of the earlobe, and there is a depression in the mouth.



08、Houxi Acupoint brightens the eyes with blood:

Operation method: Massage Houxi point with thumb and forefinger for 5 minutes each time.Stick to it all year round.Or let the back creek acupoint of both hands roll back and forth on the table edge or keyboard, or knead, stimulate 3--5 minutes each time, stimulate once an hour;Make a fist, the end of the line behind the metacarpophalangeal joint.



09、Tongzilu Acupoint:

Operation method: Massage Putongzi liao point for 5-6 minutes, then press the index finger 40 times each time to treat windward tears, and squeeze the jingming point with better effect; Point according to Pupil and liao points can also prevent the formation of crow's feet;Tong Zi liao Jingming acupoint is located inside the eye, at the junction of the bridge of the nose and the inner corner of the eye.



10、Knead The Jingming point and lead the bladder through qi and blood:

Operation method: two fingers of the thumb finger abdomen clamp nose root according to the Jingming acupoint, vertical to the deep eye press, press loose, do four consecutive eight beats.Public tips for meridian skills: massage the back of two thumbs on both sides of the bamboo acupoint for 2 minutes each time, once in the morning and evening, and adhere to it all the year round;Can also do this: with both hands middle finger back and forth massage eyebrows 20 times;Massage your eyes 20 times with four fingers on both sides of your hands;Massage the bridge of the nose 20 times from bottom to top with the middle fingers of both hands;Hold the earlobe between the thumb and forefinger of both hands and pull it down 20 times;Jingming Acupoint is located in the depression of the inner corner of a person's eye, while Zanzhu Acupoint is located on the inner side of the two eyebrows, where the eyebrows are wrinkled.



11、Look for the Sibai Acupoint on the stomach meridian:

Operation method: gently scrape the second joint of index finger on the eye socket, twice a day, scrape once before going to bed, scrape again after getting up the next day, each time no less than 2 minutes.After scraping the eye socket, massage the four white points.Scraping the orbit can stimulate Zanzhu acupoint, Yuyao Acupoint, and Silk bamboo cavity acupoint;Four white point is located in the face of the human body, the pupil is about 2 centimeters under the center, this method can also remove bags under the eyes.



12、Eyes sore find Yangxi Acupoint:

Method of operation: close your eyes, press this point with the thumb of the opposite hand until there is a sense of acid swelling to relax, repeat for 2-3 minutes, do it at any time.Rice or mung beans can also be taped to Yangxi point, and often stimulate it when free; Yangxi point is located in the radial side of the dorsal wrist of the human body. When the thumb is turned up, the depression between the extensor hallucis brevis tendon and the extensor hallucis longus tendon is in the depression;



13、Rhinitis is looking for Yingxiang Acupoint on the large intestine:

Operation method: bend the thumb, with the thumb joint, from close to the nasal wing of the widest part along the nasolabial groove up to the bridge of the nose bone, and then back to the nasal wing, so repeated massage.Push 100 times, or 2 minutes.Long-term commitment.With massage Yintang, Bitong, Hegu three points better effect; Yingxiang acupoint in the eye squarely, the eye center point straight down, on both sides of the nose about half of the thumb wide laugh lines;Yintang point at the midpoint of the line between the two brows;Nasolabial groove at the end of the upper end of the cartilage and bone junction;



14、Double chin is the stomach blocked by Renying acupoint to bring down the stasis:

Method of operation: Exhale and gently press Renying point and Dayying point for about 6 seconds each time.People ying so press 10 times, ying repeat 30 times, or gently touch down the neck with the hand, long-term persistence;Renying point is located at the lateral side of the anterior cervical Adam's apple 3 cm.Find your Adam's Apple, about two horizontal finger width, can feel the artery in the beating, here is the ying point;Renying point is located at the side of the head mandible part of the lip oblique, the concave of the jaw bone 



15、"Face problem" contact Zhizheng Acupoint:

Operation method: Massage zhengzhi acupoint by rubbing and pinching, and the strength should be moderate, and the pain can be felt.Press about 100 times each time for half a month;Flat wart is mainly caused by the body wet turbidize too much spleen deficiency wet transport adverse, then in the massage of the small intestine after the zhi zheng point, and massage the stomach in the Fenglong point, the spleen Yin Ling quan point combined, can be considered the icing on the cake;Zhi Zheng point in the back of the arm, from the palm root up 5 inches, that is, the distance of 6 fingers, in the middle of the meat and bone, sharp pain point is.



16、Qi-blood freckle for Quchi Acupoint:

Operation method: Massage Quchi acupoint, do it at any time;This acupoint can reduce large intestine fire, with the effect of clearing heat and dispelling wind, cooling blood and moistening dryness.Remove toxins, purify intestinal tract, detoxify and beautify;Qu Chi acupoint in the lateral end of the elbow transverse grain, elbow flexion, when the ulnar and humeral upper ankle line midpoint.



17、Moderately cold phlegm acne, Wenliu point to warm:

Operation method: thumb firmly press wen Slip point, with a feeling of acid swelling is the best, press and knead for 2-3 minutes, moxibustion can also be 10-15 minutes.Once a day for a long time;Wen Slip acupoint is located 5 inches above the wrist stripe, which is on the line between Yangxi Acupoint and Quchi Acupoint.



18、Stomach fire, big breath to find the hand big ling point:

Operation method: press daling acupoint with thumb, with acid swelling feeling is the best, each massage time is not less than 3 minutes, do it at any time. Daling acupoint at the midpoint of the palm of the wrist of the human body.



19:Yanggu point makes the mouth no longer have ulcers:

Operation method: Gently touch Yanggu point with the thumb with appropriate strength, 3 minutes each time, 3-4 times a day;Meridian skills public prompt oral ulcer is mainly caused by strong heart fire, spleen and stomach heat, Yin deficiency fire, spleen and stomach cold and liver cold make stomach, plus the body weak eating fat gan will cause the spleen loss of health transport liver stagnation qi stagnation;Yanggu acupoint on the ulnar side of the wrist of the human body when the depression between the ulna styloid process and the triangle bone.



20、Temporary aphasia knead Tongli acupoint:

Operation method: Knead Tongli point and Lingdao point, each point 2-3 minutes.Aphasia is mainly due to qi deficiency, blood stasis, wind fire, phlegm, turdiness of liver Yang, which leads to the loss of brain muscles and arteries, emotional overreaction, blocked brain circulation, and then appear the symptoms of confusion aphasia;Tong Li acupuncture point in the wrist stripes on 1 inch place.


21、For a sore throat, press Chize Acupoint:

Operation method: Chize Acupoint and ShangChize Acupoint massage alternately.Now press Cheze point for 6 seconds, then press upper Cheze point for 6 seconds, and repeat press the two points for 10 times twice a day.Chi Ze acupoint on the elbow of the arm, in the elbow transverse rib outside. Chi Ze point is located at 3--4 centimeters above chi Ze point.



22、Liver qi stasis, outside the guan point to dredge:

Operation method: massage waiguan point for 10 minutes when the attack;The waiguan point is on the back of the forearm, the line between Yangchi point and the tip of the elbow, and 2 inches on the wrist;



23、Tonsillitis is lung Yin deficiency by Qiangu Acupoint:

Operation method: Massage the front valley point for about 10 minutes. The anterior valley point is located at the outer end of the third finger joint of the little finger;



24、Hanging zhong point makes cervical spondylosis disappear:

Operation method: use the thumb magic force to knead the hanging bell point, the other 4 fingers hold the calf massage 3 times a day, 15 minutes a time, a week later the symptoms will disappear.Usually do "yong" character exercise;The hanging bell point is located at 1 inch of the posterior edge of the 3 inch fibula on the external malleolus tip;Everlasting operation method: body two feet apart and shoulder are the same as wide, stand up straight for the wrist and neck, to head for the pen, according to the word stroke order to write regular script, every written word count, one can do 20-30 times, gradually increase the number of), with the standing position a shrug exercise again, every time do 30 times or often use hand pat cervical vertebra ministry muscle flap and the movement.Long-term adherence can improve the head blood circulation, relax tendons, nourish bones, tongluo and activate collaterals, and is conducive to the prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis;



25、Qi qi qi blood stasis neck swelling massage Patio acupoints can be eliminated:

Method of operation: Massage tianjing acupoint gently for 1 week;Lymphatic n/MED tuberculosis basically has liver qi stagnation model, lung kidney Yin deficiency model, lung kidney Yang deficiency model, and qi and blood all deficiency model a few kinds, no doubt with "gas" the invisible regulator inside this person body does not divide;Courtyard hole is located on the outside of the arm of the human body. When bending the elbow, the elbow tip is straight on the 1 inch depression.



26、Heartache without seeking medicine, ling Dao point through the heart:

Operation method: Knead Lingdao acupoint 3 times a day, 3 minutes each time.Long-term commitment.There is a grain below the palm, Ling Dao point is 1.5 inches below the grain position;Lingdao acupoint is a special treatment of heart disease acupoint, is a heart qi and blood unobstructed acupoint.



27、Fidgety sweating can't sleep, press less sea to reduce heart fire:

Operation method: Press and knead Shaohai acupoint, do it at any time;Heart and kidney do not cross to put it bluntly is xinyang deficiency, heart fire can not warm in the kidney, or kidney Yin deficiency, kidney water can not be caused by the heart.The main symptoms: hot and dry at night, irritable, sweating, insomnia and dreams, men may appear enuresis, self-sweating, spermatorrhea and so on.Ran Valley point also treats insomnia.Is the kind of Yin deficiency fire flourishing;Shaohai acupoint is located at the midpoint of the medial end of the elbow stripes and the upper malleolus of the humerus.



28、Sweat is the heart fluid, and Yin Xi acupoint is specially used to treat night sweats:

Operation method: Press and knead Yin Xi points on both sides for 5 minutes with moderate strength, and take effect in half a month;Yin Xi acupoints are located on the palma side of the forearm, when the flexor carpi ulnar tendon flexors the lateral edge, 0.5 inches above the transverse veins of the wrist.It has the function of nourishing Yin and blood;



29、Chest pain to emergency treatment, CLEft Points bear the brunt:

Operation method: Press cleft Ft point with the thumb 3--5 seconds, stop 1--2 seconds after continuing to press, continue to press 2--3 minutes or press the point with the thumb, at the speed of 60 words per minute to the inside and outside of the arm about 2 minutes can be quickly relieved;Cleft Points on the palmaral side of the forearm, when qu Ze point and Daling point on the line, wrist stripes on 5 inches.This acupoint is the best and fastest analgesic, also has a good effect on blood circulation.Located on the pericardium meridian of the hand Jue Yin;



30、Prevention before disease is the most wise, health care of the heart with the pass:

Operation method: firmly press Neiguan point, massage for 2-3 minutes, until the feeling of acid, hemp, swelling or find a tape to stick a grain of rice on neiguan point, free time from time to time to press a few times;Note: the pericardium massage is best in the evening 19- 21 o 'clock between half an hour after the meal;Neiguan point on the palmarar side of the forearm, the middle of the wrist stripes up about 2 finger width, located between the two raised tendons.Clenched fist, bending wrist, from the horizontal lines to the distance of 2 fingers, in the position between the protrusion of the two tendons, is this point;


31、Powerless, pole spring point to help the heart:

Operation method: Pull the Jiquan point every day, feel numbness in hand and arm;Ji Quan point: there is a big tendon in the armpit. When he is plucked, he finds numbness in the ring finger and little finger, which is the location of Ji Quan point;Qi is blood handsome, blood is qi mother, qi stagnation is blood stagnation, qi is blood, and pulling Ji Quan point has the effect of qi and promoting blood circulation.After plucking, then use the empty fist along the middle line of the arm slowly beat down so that not only can relieve chest tightness, so that breathing is smooth, but also to resolve the knot in the heart;



32、Dry things dry, Zhongfu Acupoint Yunmen Acupoint cough and asthma:

Operation method: slightly massage (circle type) Zhongfu Yunmen point 1--2 minutes, long-term persistence;Zhongfu point is located in the cloud gate point one inch, 6 inches from the median line, flat at the first costal space; Yunmen point is located in the subclavian fossa.Two acupoints in the hand taiyin lung meridian;



33、Panting and sore throat, they all go to Taiyuan Acupoint:

Operation method: gently press taiyuan with the thumb, the other four fingers hold the back of the wrist gently knead, 3-5 minutes can be, you can also take wolfberry pound, stick taiyuan point.Before going to bed at night, the medlar is smashed, and then affixed to the taiyuan point with medical tape fixed, when you get up in the morning, so that the gas is insufficient in sleep;Taiyuan point on the thumb of the wrist on the horizontal lines.Stretch out the palm of your hand, when the thumb stands up, there will be a big tendon standing up. In the inner depression of the big tendon, it is the point where the pulse is beating when you feel it;



34、Cough phlegm black nose, invigorating spleen dryness with Yin Ling acupoint:

Operation method: thumb hard press Yinlingquan point, can also be used to gently knock the health care hammer, each stimulation time is not less than 3 minutes, 3 times a day, or moxibustion with moxa 3-7 minutes, once a day;Yinlingquan point is located in the lower depression of the medial tibial condyle on the medial side of the calf, which has the effect of invigorating the spleen and dampness, relaxing tendons and activating collaterals;Main causes of phlegm are cold evil invading lung, wind evil invading lung, heat evil invading lung, damp evil invading lung or dryness evil invading lung.The spleen is a tube of moisture, the spleen transport;



35、Rub the thenar so that children do not catch a cold:

Method of operation: one hand is fixed, and the other hand is forced to rub the thenar point on the opposite hand, about 10 times, so that the whole palm is hot.Then switch hands and rub the other hand;Massage of thenar can be pushed or kneaded.Push in different directions, the effect is not the same.From the thumb to the wrist stripe, antidiarrheal effect is good, can be used to treat diarrhea diarrhea children.By the wrist stripes to the thumb root, can stop vomiting.Push back and forth, can well adjust the child's spleen and stomach function.Knead time should be in 2--3 minutes between, push should accomplish at least 50--100 times;Thenar acupoint in the human hand thumb after the first metacarpophalangeal depression, red and white flesh;Thenar also has the function of resolving the table, improving pharynx and resolving phlegm. It has obvious curative effect on the symptoms of sore throat, cough and sneezing caused by cold;



36、Plug gas branch gas belch not out, according to the branch of sanjiao:

Operation method: massage the ditch for 5 minutes, and then rub the ribs along the back of the hands for 3 minutes;The branch acupoint is on the dorsal side of the forearm of the human body, 3 inches on the dorsal transverse lines of the wrist, and the line between Yang Acupoint pool and the elbow tip;    He is the body's "punching bag", usually knead it to relieve your unspeakable pain, let the body more relaxed;It is an acupuncture point on the Three jiao meridian.The three jiao Sutra is the spirit of the whole body.



37、Diabetes according to ran Valley point:

Operation method: press on both sides of the ran Valley point, when the feeling of acid swelling and then loosen, then press down, and then loosen.So repeated 10--20 times when acid bilges feeling in also do not recede when you can.Long-term commitment.Play the role of adjuvant therapy.It is an acupoint on the kidney meridian.Kidney meridian belongs to water; Children anorexia, mother can give the baby massage after a period of time, to improve; However, the valley acupoint is located at the inner edge of the human foot, below the scaphoid trochanter, and the red and white flesh.



38、Taichong let fatty liver and your insulation:

Operation method: first soak feet with warm water for 10- 15 minutes, and then use both hands thumb point, continue to press Taichong point, press 30 seconds each time pause for a moment, to have a sense of acid swelling is better so a total of 3 minutes.You can also press and slide back and forth along the gap between the bones, and do this 20 times.Insist for a long time;Taichong point is a liver meridian.It has the dual role of tonifying deficiency and reducing solid. In addition to activating blood circulation and removing stasis, it can also stimulate the liver through qi and blood, clear the liver and improve gallbladder, and calm the liver qianyang, thus playing the effect of tonifying the liver.Stimulating it regularly can also improve sleep.Fatty liver should be treated by regulating liver qi, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis; Taichong acupoint in the dorsal side of the foot, between the bone seam of the first and second phalanges, backward 3 finger wide in the depression.