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Membership system

Human health science and technology sharing body group company member systemHereinafter referred to as: Sharing International Platform Member SystemImplement membership system, sharing international platform member system to follow the "you join, I invest, I shop goods you make money, model exclusive, common interest money" principle.

We welcome people from all over the world, civil society organizations, social groups, entrepreneurs, people who love health, medical care and education and training to join the sharing platform membership system, apply for membership, and become a member of the sharing international platform membership systemApply to join the member friend, through the examination and approval to become a member, enjoy the following treatment


IMember conditions 


        The member fulfills the power, the duty, the obligation, passes the examination and approval becomes the member, the member can enjoy the following treatment

        1Love health, love medical, love education and training

        2Have a sense of social responsibility, have love, have dedication spirit, and actively participate in health public welfare activities

        3Wills to abide by the provisions of the Human Medical and Health Life Sharing Group (Platform), and actively participates in the activities of the Public Health Sharing Platform Group

        4Willing to pay the membership fee

        Meet the above conditions, submit 2 inch color photos, fill in the member application form, through the review and approval to become a member to pay the member fee, unified into the member management system.


IIMember Responsibilities and Obligations


        Members who have been approved by the audit must undertake the corresponding obligations. Participants must pay the annual membership fee, which is 3800 yuan per year. The membership fee is in RMB and the foreign currency is subject to the timely exchange rate.




       1Members enjoy the distribution price of the group products of the public platform

       2Members are qualified to be the regional product liaison officer of the group's medical and health products on the public enjoyment platform. After the group's free distribution of goods, members gain the right to profit without investment.

       3Members are eligible to apply for Chinese medicine education and training

       4Members are eligible to have priority in applying for Public Entrance Platform Group's right to invest in medical and health projects in their location

       5Members are eligible to apply for priority to obtain the right to invest by the Group in the establishment of traditional Chinese medicine technical training schools, traditional medical clinics or hospitals in the place where the members are located;The sharing ratio of the public enjoyment platform group is 4.5:5.5, i.e. 5.5 members and 4.5 public enjoyment platform group. The specific cooperation plan shall be separately agreed upon.

6Members have access to a public platform for free training sessions on COVID-19 rapid disease self-testing held regularly by the Group.


IVPublic enjoyment platform group, member profit point


        1Free distribution of shared light wave machinesA usage fee is charged according to the number of times used 

        2Members act as regional product liaison agentsAfter assigning machinesA usage fee is charged according to the number of times used

        3Training trainees incur training fees;

        4Members generate revenue by distributing products;