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Supplier system

      Sharing international platform decided to select 30 high-quality Chinese suppliers, and jointly contribute to the development of human health economy, health science and technology, health education, health agriculture, health ecology, health energy, health and destiny sharing body;

      Sharing international platform China's quality supplier declaration system follows the principle of "you enter the system, I distribute, I purchase, you make money"

      Welcome Chinese entrepreneurs, social groups, people who love health, medical, education and training, agriculture, ecological and environmental protection, energy and other industries to apply to join the China Quality Supplier Declaration System and become a member of the international platform system;


IQualifications for application of qualified suppliers in China


      1 Have A unique product, effect, product quality;

      2 Own independent knowledge products and brands;

      3 Leading enterprises in the industry;

      4 Production or business site;

      5Repeated government awards or honors;

      6Professional production or R & D technical team;

      7 Love health, medical care, education and training;

      8Have a sense of social responsibility, love, dedication spirit, and actively participate in health public welfare activities;

      9Willing to pay the annual fee to high-quality suppliers in China;

      Meet the above conditions, fill in the Chinese quality supplier application form, after examination and approval of 30 to become China quality suppliers, unified compilation of China quality supplier management system.


IIApplication process


      1Submit your membership application;

      2Fill in the "China Quality Supplier Declaration Form" seriously, truly and completely, and the person in charge of the unit shall sign and stamp the official seal of the unit;

      3Submit "China Quality Supplier Declaration Form" and supporting materials to HHTS E-mail:;

      4The HHTS Secretariat shall know the application for membership, conduct a review according to the membership conditions, and submit it to the Chief Executive CEO of HHTS for signature;

      5If it passes the examination, it shall be submitted to the Board for approval;

      6The applicant shall pay the annual fee through bank transfer within 3 days after receiving the notification of approval from the Secretariat of China Quality Supplier. If the applicant fails to pay the annual fee after the deadline, the applicant shall be deemed to have given up the application qualification of China Quality Supplier;

      7Approve Chinese high-quality suppliers and apply for issuance of Chinese high-quality supplier certificate with payment voucher;


IIIDocuments to be submitted for application of Chinese quality suppliers


      1A.One scanned electronic copy of the legal person ID card of the applicant

      2A scanned electronic copy of the business license of the applicant

      3A scanned electronic copy of the industrial production/business license of the applicant

      4One scanned electronic copy of the customs import and export certificate

      5One scanned electronic copy of import and export commodity inspection certificate

      6One scanned electronic copy of intellectual property (professional) certificate

      7A scanned electronic copy of the certificate of honor

      8A scanned electronic profile of the applicant for membership

      9One electronic copy of several color product photos

      10An electronic version of product application introduction

      11A scanning electronic version of product detection and analysis;

      12Office address of the applicant;

      13One copy of the applicant's contact information, telephone number, email address and contact information;

      14One copy of bank account opening and account information of the applicant;


IVRights of quality suppliers in China:


      1High-quality suppliers in China can enjoy the membership distribution of HHTS sharing international platform. Sharing international platform is free of charge and directly enjoy the membership distribution of HHTS sharing international platform

      2Chinese high-quality suppliers are eligible to share the right to purchase goods through direct investment on international platforms

      3Chinese quality suppliers are eligible to apply for cooperation opportunities in education and training projects of energy, ecology, agriculture, electronics, medical, health and traditional Chinese medicine in African countries

      4High-quality Chinese suppliers are eligible to apply for the right to use information of foreign resources on the international platform in priority

      5High-quality suppliers in China are eligible to apply for the right to cooperate with members of the international platform in priority

      6High-quality Chinese suppliers are eligible to apply for the right to participate in the international sharing platform to set up traditional Chinese medicine technology training schools, traditional medical clinics or hospitals

      7High-quality suppliers in China can receive free training courses for rapid disease self-testing of COVID-19 held regularly by the international platform.


VObligations of Quality Suppliers in China


      1Abide by the articles of association and implement the resolutions of sharing the international platform

      2Safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests and reputation of the international platform

      3Pay membership dues as required.


VIPayment standard of quality suppliers in China


       RMB 150,000 per year