Negative oxygen ion environment is the basis of human survival and health
Date:2022-02-25 Topics : Health Online

      As the important function of negative oxygen ion is understood by people, the content of negative oxygen ion in the air is taken seriously day by day, the world health Organization has brought the index of concentration of negative oxygen ion in the air into the primary evaluation standard of measuring air quality; 


      Scientists research discovery, negative oxygen ion is to maintain the earth life environment dynamic balance of the necessary material, without negative oxygen ion, the atmosphere will be full of pollution, water will disappear automatically, negative oxygen ion environment is the basic human survival and health     

 Negative oxygen ion environment is the basis of human survival and health


      Negative oxygen ions are so important to the human body, how many negative oxygen ions do you need every day to maintain health?The international Union atmospheric joint committee tells us: the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air reaches 1000-2000 /cm3, in order to maintain the basic needs of health.You can use the universal negative oxygen ion detector to test the concentration of negative ions in your home or office or car to see whether it can meet the basic requirements of health.If you don't, be careful

      Is the more negative oxygen ions, the better?Yes.Negative oxygen ion concentration of 5000-50,000 /cm3 can enhance human immunity and antibacterial ability;Reach 50,000-100,000 /cm3 can disinfect and reduce disease transmission, negative oxygen ion combined with bacterial virus, make bacterial virus produce structural changes or energy transfer, resulting in bacterial virus death;Reaching 100,000-500,000 /cm3 can improve the natural healing ability, so that many diseases can be cured without drugs



      Air negative oxygen ion is as essential as sunlight.It can promote the synthesis and storage of vitamins, strengthen and activate the physiological activities of the human body, so it is also known as "air vitamin", its concentration is to measure whether the air is fresh or not.The World Health Organization (WHO) provides that the concentration of negative oxygen ions above 400 /cm3 can meet people's basic needs, below 1000 /cm3 can be regarded as the environment is polluted, the concentration of 1000 ~ 1500 /cm3 environment is regarded as fresh environment

      Niagara Falls or Yosemite National Park in the United States have more than 100,000 concentrations in the air.People feel refreshed, breathe well and feel refreshed when they are in places with high levels of negative oxygen ions, such as beaches, waterfalls and forests.In air-conditioned rooms, streets and other places with less negative oxygen ion content, it makes people feel poor breathing, chest tightness, dizziness, lack of spirit and so on



      Negative oxygen ion is also compared to the "longevity element" in the air, and now whether a city is suitable for living or not, the first thing to investigate is the concentration of negative oxygen ion, high concentration of negative oxygen ion is the first element of urban living


      All this is telling us that negative oxygen ions are getting more and more attention, and negative oxygen ions are more and more important to human health.So why didn't we talk about negative oxygen ions before?The reasons are twofold: first, the ionic level has not been studied before;Second, the ecological environment at that time was not so damaged, the balance of positive and negative ions in nature was relatively balanced, and there were not so many diseases 


     Now science and technology has developed, but environmental pollution has destroyed the balance of ions in nature, leading to an increase in positive ions and a decrease in negative ions, causing a lot of diseases to take medicine for life, unable to treat well, people suffer from illness for a long time from the disease



      The World Health Organization also announced that more than 2,000 people worldwide die every day from air pollution, and 70 percent of diseases are related to breathing.These pollution including air pollution, indoor decoration pollution, in recent years, the car pollution and other harmful gas harm to human health, has caused a high level of concern around the world.In particular, indoor and car pollution is the most serious, due to air pollution caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, very much


      According to a questionnaire survey conducted by Hong Kong Wonderland International Group, 80% of children with leukemia in a children's hospital in Hubei province were caused by air pollution after indoor decoration.Another kind of pollution is from electrical appliances.Now we are living with TV, refrigerator, microwave oven and other kinds of electrical appliances in the indoor, working environment is still surrounded by computers, copiers, printers and many other electrical products, the radiation and static electricity generated by these appliances are very harmful to human health.It's worse than air pollution, and it's one of the most overlooked


      Magic negative oxygen ion against air pollution without mercy, is very friendly to human body, play an important role in the link of atmospheric self-purification negative oxygen ions, refers to the air with one or more of the negative ion, can take the initiative to adsorption, sedimentation suspended particulate matter in the air, and oxidation reduction effect is strong, can destroy bacteria in the air charge barrier and the activity of the bacterial cell active enzyme,To purify the air, dust to taste the effect


      Natural air self-purification function provides a scientific and effective and safe implementation direction for indoor air pollution treatment. Among them, the negative oxygen ion, which is called "air vitamin", is used in indoor air purification, which is currently recognized by many experts and research institutions


Negative oxygen ion environment is the basis of human survival and health


      In addition, the positive effect of negative oxygen ion on human body is also very obvious.Research institutions point out that the body feels smooth breathing air negative oxygen ion index needs to reach more than 1,000 per cubic centimeter.However, urban pollution is serious, resulting in a very small number of negative oxygen ions naturally occurring in the home space, with an average index of about 200 per cubic centimeter


      In general, one of the causes of poor health is the increase in positive ions in the air inhaled every day, which causes the body to oxidize.The worst is diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.It is asthma, atopic dermatitis, hay fever and other allergic symptoms, as well as psychological symptoms such as depression and neurasthenia can appear


      Negative oxygen ions enter the human body through the respiratory tract, can adjust the vitality of the body cells, and strengthen the inhibitory process of the cerebral cortex, adjust the function of the cerebral cortex, relieve nervous, calm and calm, persistent insomnia, poor sleep quality and other conditions have a very significant easing effect


      Negative oxygen ion can prevent the oxidation of the environment and the body, improve the original immune function of human beings, and can maintain and improve health, excellent effect.Exist in the air, the naked eye can not see the negative oxygen ions, when we breathe, can renew the body, get a healthy body and relaxed mood.Therefore, we can increase the absorption of enough negative oxygen ions to keep energetic and carefree every day


      High concentration of negative oxygen ions have antioxidant effect, can remove lead to a surge in the number of free radicals because of weak, stable blood pressure, protect the heart, and lower levels of cortisol, therefore, negative oxygen ion can improve the body's immune function, activation of reticuloendothelial system, namely mononuclear macrophage phagocytosis, improve the body reactivity, strengthen the body resistance to disease



      The working state of rock grinding light wave machine produces a large number of negative oxygen ions, which automatically locks the toxic and harmful substances in the air. In the ventilated natural environment, it releases high concentration of negative oxygen ions, which is beneficial to body and mind


      Greatly improve the air quality of living space, 24-hour real-time continuous "net oxygen", effective degradation of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, PM2.5 and other harmful substances, rock grinding light wave machine seems to move the forest home, protect the family breathing health, fresh air every day


      Rock grinding light wave machine is similar to the sunoxygen bar in the city, home is in the forest. The rock grinding light wave machine produced by HHTS, with the concept of "sunoxygen Bar" in the whole space, all-round year-round care and other advantages, will realize "safe breathing" to "healthy breathing".