The benefits of daily perspiration with far-infrared thermotherapy are amazing
Date:2022-02-25 Topics : New products and technologies

      In order to find out the cause of cancer, German sports medicine Dr. Ellenstetter's research has found a surprising result;

      Ellenst analyzed the sweat of marathon runners who ran more than 30 kilometers a day and found that the sweat contained heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, copper and nickel


The benefits of daily perspiration with far-infrared thermotherapy are amazing


      Dr. Ellenster concluded that marathon runners who run more than 30 kilometers a day exhume a lot of sweat from deep inside the body and also exhume carcinogenic heavy metals accumulated in the body, eliminating the root cause of cancer


The benefits of daily perspiration with far-infrared thermotherapy are amazing


      Based on the results of the study, Dr. Ellenster published a research report on the prevention of cancer by thoroughly removing the accumulation of substances in the body through perspiration. It is reliable that Ellenster emphasized that one should sweat a lot once a day to live a long and healthy life


      Why is sweating so important for the body?Excretion requires no physical function in the body, but is achieved by defecation, urination and sweating.Sweat plays an important role in excreting fatigue substances, heavy metals and toxins that are harmful to human body


      The whole body healthy sweating, can strengthen the modern lack of thermoregulation function and autonomic nerve.Sweat from the body surface gasification, people get a sense of refreshment, to the spirit also has great help.Through the gasification heat consumption of heat, can enhance the generation of energy, reduce body fat, help to eliminate obesity



      Sweat, which plays an important role in the body, will not cause a burden on the body. Sweating all over the body can strengthen the autonomic nerve, promote the generation of xie Li, discharge of old waste and toxins, which is helpful for beauty and health.


      On the premise that the daily sweat volume is 2 kg, the amount of heavy metal elements per 100 grams of sweat and urine is


      Lead (μg) : sweat 84, urine 4.9

      Cadmium (μg) : sweat 6.5, urine 0.65

      Cobalt (μg) : sweat 1.2, urine 0.6

      Nickel (μg) : sweat 32, urine 3.1

      Copper (mg) : sweat 0.11, urine 0.01


      If you can run tens of kilometers every day for a long time (the premise is that joints and ligaments do not wear out, do not get injured), with sweat excretion of a large number of heavy metals in the deep tissues of the body, the accumulated metabolic waste, of course, people can realize the wish of health and longevity.But given the intensity, time, and physical limitations, who can do it


      Is there a better way to achieve a lot of deep perspiration without the constraints above


      Far infrared physiotherapy, let "lazy" also can realize this wish!Far infrared ray not only has good conditioning effect on many chronic diseases, but also has unexpected effect on difficult diseases and even cancer;


      Infrared is a type of light wave whose wavelength is shorter than radio waves and longer than visible light.Infrared rays are invisible to the naked eye; everything emits them.Hot objects emit more infrared radiation than cold objects


      Far infrared is a kind of light that is good for human body.Far infrared gives the human body no harm, even if the radiation of tens of degrees of high temperature, the human body can also accept.The resonance effect, osmotic effect and thermal effect of far infrared ray on cells have been widely used in health industry


The benefits of daily perspiration with far-infrared thermotherapy are amazing


      Far infrared ray has strong penetration force and radiation force, has significant temperature control effect and resonance effect, it is easy to be absorbed by objects and converted into the internal energy of objects


      Through clinical and scientific research, the wavelength between 4-14 micron far infrared ray is the best absorption of human body.Far infrared ray can penetrate human skin, can cause resonance of water molecules in the body, so that water molecules activation;Through resonance into heat energy, make the subcutaneous temperature rise, blood circulation speed up, discharge body waste;Improve the immune ability of the body, and for the treatment of tumors


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