All people who get cancer are the people who have unimpeded meridians of the lower leg
Date:2022-03-04 Topics : Medical Technology

     There is such a sentence in traditional Chinese medicine "all people who get cancer are the people who have unimpeded meridians of the lower leg, of course, the unimpeded meridians of the lower leg are not necessarily cancer, but the people who get cancer are not unimpeded meridians of the lower leg."   


     In addition, the calf meridian not clear will not only a high incidence of cancer, such as psoriasis, vitiligo, ichthyosis, mandatory spondylitis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, diabetes mellitus, ms palace cold, menstrual cramps, ovarian cyst, hysteromyoma, endometrial thickness, the symptom such as menstrual quantity is little also not smooth with calf meridian has a direct relationship  




     Through legs may not be the basic cause of the cancer is can promote the blood circulation, many people ignore this in a word, through the meridians of the people as long as it is actually really clear, will not have any diseases, including cancer, a lot of people are sick, because your article a meridian impassability, some people might say, my main and collateral channels are open ah, you said that clear is "false",Instead of "true sense."


      Have you ever heard of cancer in the heart? The heart is the only organ in the human body that does not have cancer. Ancient Chinese medicine believes that:The person has 7 hearts, a congenital heart, 6 acquired heart, among them crus is one of the 6 acquired heart of the person, western medicine also regards small leg as the second heart of the person, why a contempt common crus belly can be called by experts the "second heart" of the person?


      Because the human body about 70% of the blood will be concentrated in the lower body, due to gravity, the lower body of the human body blood reflux to the heart is relatively slow, and the calf is like a human qi and blood engine, can accelerate qi and blood reflux, blood back to the heartIn order to promote the circulation of qi and blood throughout the body, so the calf this part of the healthier, people's blood reflux to the heart faster, people are healthier and less sick, in view of the function of the calf is so important, so it can be worthy of being known as the second heart of the human body 


How do you know if your "second heart" is healthy


    Please gently pinch your calf with your hand, how do you feel?Is it stiff and cold?Warm and bouncy


    If you are physically and mentally healthy and sleep well every day, your calves feel warm, soft and stretchy.On the contrary, if the calf is colder than the palm, soft and inflexible, hard and swollen, there are hard lumps in the muscle, and there are obvious marks after the finger is pressed, it should be the person who is physically unwell, often feels pain here and there, or has a lot of inner worry and stress


Calves can also tell you what's wrong with you


For example,


     1High blood pressure, the calf will swell and become hard, and easy to hot


     2Suffering from lumbago, shoulder pain, headache, diabetes and other chronic diseases, or worry a lot, a lot of pressure, most of the lower leg will be very swollen, there is a hard muscle, gently pressure will feel severe pain


     3Crus is hot hot but not stiff, express acute inflammation, cold……


     4Crus abdomen is cold and stiff, adumbrative have disease of department of gynaecology, autonomic nerve maladjustment


     5Calf is cold but soft to the touch, indicating the possibility of diabetes


     6Calf is cold and soft, but not elastic, indicating kidney disease


     7If calf often oedema of the person, said that the person's blood circulation is very poor, very easy to form thrombosis, thrombosis like a plug, once blocked in the blood vessel, the blood can not continue to flow, the worst case will cause sudden death!In order to avoid cerebral infarction, we must develop the habit of massage calf;Drinking lots of water can also prevent it


      If you're in the mood, don't just knead your calves for a minute. As long as you do it right, many people can feel their toes warming up or a warmth rising from their back.Why just press the calf, the body will become warm


      As mentioned above, it allows the blood to flow smoothly through the body.Smooth blood is the most important guarantee of life, when your blood is not smooth, you will get sick, and when your blood is not smooth, in less than a day, you will die immediately


     Most valuable part of massaging the "second heart" is that it can quickly raise the body temperature. What are the benefits of raising the body temperature


     As early as a thousand years ago, the ancients had discovered that cold hands and feet were the source of all diseases. Now, modern medicine also cries out: "If your body temperature drops by 1 degree, your immunity will drop by 30%. The more your immunity drops, the weaker your body will be."


     In fact, the culprit of cold hands and feet is blood stagnation.When the blood does not flow smoothly, the delivery of nutrients and hormones is blocked, and the blood does not reach the end of the body temperature drops


     We should not ignore the harm of hypothermia. Hypothermia can cause or induce hundreds of diseases, such as common cold, cancer, hypertension, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, diabetes, constipation, obesity, dark skin, spots and many other diseases have an important relationship with hypothermia


Japanese experts found through experiments


      At 35.5 ° C, cancer cells proliferate


      At 39.6, the cancer cells all die


      When your body temperature rises to 1 above normal, your immune system is five to six times stronger


      A large number of examples prove that: elevated body temperature, cancer, depression, heart disease symptoms have been significantly reduced, slimming success rate increased significantly


    So how can you improve your circulation and warm up your body?Very simple!Just "massage your calves" every day


    Not only will this simple action improve blood circulation, it will raise your body temperature and regulate your autonomic system to boost your immune system!Many people not only eliminate cold hands and feet and constipation by massaging the calf, even the long low back pain is only massage 2 times on the almost radical cure, some cancer patients tumor marker index decreased significantly


    Continuous massage every day, and slimming effect, can make people thin healthy, restore the luster of the skin.Children who usually find it difficult to fall asleep can sleep peacefully by massaging their calves for 2 minutes......


    Strength of the calf is amazing.How to massage crus


Massage calf 5 key points


    1Be sure to massage "from the Achilles tendon to the back of the knee" to promote blood flow to the heart




    2With abdominal breathing, exhale when the fingers press, pull the stomach inward, inhale when the fingers relax.Do it slowly, not too fast


    3Pressure must be "painful but tolerable".Crus stiff person can first from "friction" begin, unfavorable reluctantly painful, the hand cannot exert oneself excessively.Keep a smile on your face during the massage to relieve muscle tension


   4There is no limit on time, place and times of massage per day.Feel pain, uncomfortable, must not force themselves, must stop immediately.After taking a bath, massage the calf when it is warm, the effect will be better


    5Massage will become easy to sweat or urinate, so please drink plenty of water before and after massage, preferably warm water



Key tip


      At work, in the shower, before you go to bed, when you get up, you can use these little moments to pinch and rub, just like brushing your teeth every day, and make it a natural habit in your life.As long as you consistently massage calf 1 ~ 2 minutes every day, you will find that the body becomes better and better!But persistence is important


According to the type of symptoms to massage different parts of the calf


      If some parts of the body are not comfortable, you can also massage the corresponding calf parts to regulate.Basically, it is divided into the inside, the middle and the outside, corresponding to these positions for massage.For example, the body is cold, you should consciously massage the inside of the calf.And if it is a headache, low back pain, you should go to massage the outside of the calf and both sides of the middle of the calf 


       Lateral (side of little toe)



       Inside (side of big toe)



 Hair ridge, irregular menstruation, constipation, endocrine disorders, menopause pain, difficulty urinating, liver discomfort, etc


        From the cartilage to the center  


Palpitation, insomnia, palpitation, panting, headache, sciatica, lumbago, edema, cystitis, chest tightness and chest pain


     movement of raising the foot and crossing one leg


    1Put your right leg back in your chair and fold it over your chest.Knead the calf belly sequentially from leg cartilage to knee medial side with both hands


     2Thumb of both hands overlaps in the middle of the calf, rubbing the outside and inside of the calf with the thumb


     3Replace the left foot with the same action;


     4Place your right foot on your left thigh and cross your legs with one foot.


     5The left hand grasp the ankle, with the right hand from the leg cartilage to the inside of the knee in order to knead;


    6The calf is divided into lateral, central and medial.Kneading and pressing respectively;


    7Replace the left foot with the same action;



    Hands-free massage is also possible, and hands-free massage is as follows


    1. Grab the back of the chair with both hands;


    2. Gently place the calf of the right foot on the left knee;


    3. Keep your right foot moving up and down like this and massage the middle part of your calf with your knee.



    4Move the outside and inside of the foot, both sides of the massage up and down;


    5After getting used to the above movements, you can move up and down while rotating the ankle to promote blood circulation;


    6Replace the left foot with the same action;