Deafness tinnitus, commonly used five methods
Date:2022-03-14 Topics : Health Online


1Clear the ear and increase the hearing soup


     patient has a history of swelling, pain and discharge of pus in the ear, or still has occasional discharge of pus, hearing deafness, and feeling of unclear head

    prescriptionGolden lotus 6 grams, chrysanthemum 10 grams, forsythia 10 grams (main);Gentian 6 grams, rhizoma coptison 6 grams, gardenia 6 grams (auxiliary);10 g, 6 g, frankincense 2 g (adjuvant);Calamus 6 g, lotus leaf 10 g (make)

    Addition and subtractionIf pus is much, can add fleas Hugh 6 grams (must use liliaceae, the market every use boxing ginseng or single horn lotus substitute, absolutely can't);If defecate owes pass, the card is true again, pulse real moss is thick, can add raw rhubarb 6 ~ 10 grams;If the ear before ear pain, and a stink of pus, can add dew hive 6 grams, 10 grams of bone skin

    noteAbscess in the ear should be treated externally

2Ninger decoction for stopping cicada


     Tinnitus, hear sound owe hearing, or sleep is poor, inclined to Yin deficiency

     prescriptionMother-of-pearl 12g, magnet 10g (main);Kudingcha 6 grams, chrysanthemum flower 10 grams, ligustrum lucidum 6 grams, dry rehmannia glutinosa 10 grams (auxiliary);10 grams of bone, 6 grams of purple grass, 10 grams of achyranthes bidentata.Lotus leaf 10g, Albizia peel 10g, fresh Needle lettuce leaves 4 stems (make)

    Addition and subtractionIf the blood pressure is high, add xia subtilis 10 grams, double unhook vine 10 grams;If the stool is dry, ligustri instead of 10 grams, and then add fire hemp, whole trichosanthis 10 grams each

    noteGolden needle leaves, namely evening yellow flowers, can pick flowers when vegetables to eat, such as orchid leaves.Another kind of morning flowers, not substitute

3Jiedu Wensheng Decoction indications


     Streptomycin poisoning deafness, the day short person can take effect, the day long person takes effect hard

     prescriptionLicorice 6 grams, black beans (dozen) 15 grams, bone powder 10 grams (main);Comfrey 6 grams, chrysanthemum 10 grams, lily 10 grams (auxiliary);6 grams of acorus, 6 grams of Passepartout, 10 grams of magnetite (adjuvant);10 grams of lotus leaves, 3 grams of yellow croissant (make)

     Addition and subtractionExpression dull blunt, add tortoise plate, dragon tooth each 10 grams;For dry stools, add 10 grams of hemp seed, or 6 grams of ligustrum lucidum in the original recipe

     noteYellow sheep, that is, wild sheep in the grassland or gobi desert, whose horns are not used locally.Filings used for poisoning deafness, there is a certain effect, but the drug is not ready, must ask someone to find

4Huoxue Decoction for treating congcong


     Aged people who are deaf and have little sense of clarity or hyperactivity in the head

     prescription10 g, red flower 6 g, Passepartout 6 g (main);Magnetite 10 grams, calamus 6 grams, yellow essence 6 grams (auxiliary);Dried rehmannia root 10 grams, ligustrum lucidum 6 grams, lily 10 grams (zuo);Chrysanthemum 10g, lotus leaf 10g (make)

     Addition and subtractionHigh blood pressure plus Xia subtilis 10 grams, 10 grams of double unhook vine;For those with poor sleep, add 4 stems of fresh N. chinensis leaves;Dry stool lucidum changed to 10 grams, can add fire hemp 10 grams, whole trichosanthis 10 grams.You can also add 10 grams of dogwood meat

    noteZero more seeds, namely the pearl buds on the yam vine, commonly known as "yam fruit", can be boiled, peeled and dipped in sugar, the large 21 grains, small 35 grains

5Contact  and then listen to the soup attending

    Deafness, hearing gradually decreased, no history of drug poisoning, no discharge, ear pain and other symptoms.Deafness is not long, effective;If you have been deaf for a long time, it is difficult to take effect

    prescription6 g for calamus, 6 g for Passepartout, 6 g for acacia needle (main);Turtle plate 10 grams, green dragon tooth 10 grams, longzhi 5 grams (auxiliary);6 grams of Vitex fruit, 10 grams of bone shusbu, 10 grams of lily (zuo);Pueraria root 10g, lotus leaf 10g (so)

    Addition and subtractionDry stool plus 10 grams of ligustrum, hemp seed 10 grams;Headache person adds tendrite 10 grams, yi Ke adds yellow sheep horn to use