Boosting your energy can boost your immunity
Date:2022-03-03 Topics : Medical Technology

       Principle of energy medicine is deciphering from the ancient "I Ching" in the acquired gossip back to the innate gossip principle, "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Canon" in the Yin, pingyang secret, spirit and even, the balance of Yin and Yang principle.Modern medicine is called the principle of immunity enhancementThe operation principle of meridian of upper medicine comes from "Medical School Jin Jian", which also deciphers the principle of Dao Sheng yi, Life two, two three, three living things in Lao Zi's "Tao Te Ching", which is to decode the truth of the universe: the universe has the principle of electromagnetic force three-dimensional unified field, and the human body is also a small universe, which also has the principle of electromagnetic force the same fieldAt the same time, I also found Einstein's universal unified field wheel, and through the practice of energy medicine method, it is proved that this "unified field" is the electromagnetic force unified field that the universe and human body have the sameThat is to say, the medical treasure book handed down from ancient times in China, the energy medicine which is recorded in the Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon and deciphers in modern times, is the highest medical achievement in the yellow Emperor's Inner Canon, the oldest medical treasure book in China, and it is the method system that makes the simultaneous sublimation of human body and mind to the highest levelMain principle of medical science is to solve the overall health problems of body and mind by using the principle of "I Ching" to realize life self-control and develop great wisdom of human body and improve life energy, vitality, immunity and quality of life of human body


     Improving human life energy can improve human immunity, also can improve human vitality, improve human magnetic field, improve human life quality;


      The human body mainly includes energy, essence, spirit, qi and blood four major aspects;


      Traditional Chinese medicine mainly regulates qi and blood, while in energy medicine mainly regulates energy, qi, qi and qi.According to Traditional Chinese medicine, people's body is sick, mostly caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis. When treating diseases, pay attention to regulating qi and blood. Qi and blood will go well, and the disease will be cured


      What the medical method adjusts is the human body energy, and spirit, the person does not have the energy namely low ability person, the energy is big namely big energy person, big energy person is the person that does great event, the person that becomes big climate.Adjust the spirit, people will have the spirit, have the strength to do things, with a good body, with a good attitude, with wisdom will be on the road to the greatest success, can better serve the society


      The energy level of human body determines the quality of life.Energy determines human health, energy determines mental balance and energy determines human wisdom.Energy determines the nature of people, the flexibility of people's brains, the sensitivity of brain information, the accuracy of brain information, and the truth of brain information.Energy determines the patency of the meridiansEnergy determines acupoint exchange ability, energy determines the quality of qi and blood, energy determines the quality of metabolism, energy determines immunity, and energy determines the strength of human body.Energy determines decisiveness, energy determines assertiveness.When the energy system of the human body is strong, the immune system, absorption system, protection system, detoxification system and nervous system are all improvedAll the functions of the human body are improved and all the systems are strengthened.Enhance all the functions of the human body, it will ensure the physical and mental health of the human body, but also prolong human life


      When the core energy of the human body is launched, first of all in accordance with the normal operation of the law of life movement artificially start the life engine to accelerate the operation, the acceleration of the operation out of the force will produce a steady stream of life to increase the energy, first start the human body center - chong pulse, chong pulse with energy, the front on chong, through any pulseBack up, open up the governor.After rendu two veins open, to open the Yin stilts, Yang stilts provide energy, thus opening the human body three Yin and three Yang meridian, open the twelve serious, start the viscera, start the body limbs hundred veins.Simultaneously open up the Yin dimension, Yang dimension

       Yin Dimension to promote ying Qi;Yang Wei promotes wei Qi, to ensure the human body camp wei Qi operation, smooth veins.When the pulse is flushed, the twelve primes are opened, and the twelve primes run smoothly, and the internal organs run smoothly.The engine simultaneously opens the band veins so that it binds all meridians


Energy medicine and internal cause medicine are central medicine, which are launched from the inside of the human body and enhance human immunity and vitality through the central meridians of the human body.In this sense, endogenous medicine is concerned with the core medicine of the human body


In the past, western medicine only targeted at pathological sites, Chinese medicine for the twelve serious, in terms of the object involved, is a marginal subject of the human body, only human superficial medicine, external cause medicine.So, internal cause medicine fills in a medical gap


     Energy medicine is unique medicine.It is the national treasure of the Chinese nation, is the essence of the Chinese nation culture, his role in human health, is the world any medicine, any health means can not be comparedIt will not only bring unprecedented health to the Chinese people, but also benefit all mankind and future generationsMedical science is medicine in the true sense.The real definition of medicine is the vector movement inside the body. It is the medicine that does not need any external factors, and the medicine that human beings can destroy diseases themselves, that is, the medicine that does not need foreign drugs. The birth of medical science marks the appearance of drug-free medicine, and other medicine is external auxiliary medicine


Medical science deciphered the law of human movement, solved the basic principle of human body and mind, and deciphered the code of life.It is the best theoretical principle and method for human to perfect the wisdom of body and mind.Decipher the world source culture with modern theory and realize the unification of the world source culture and modern scienceReinterpret the major theories in the world, restore the basic principle of the original unified electromagnetic force, and realize the unification of eastern and western cultures, and the unification of ancient and modern cultures.To realize the harmonious development of the world cultural heritage, so as to realize the great harmony of the world.Win glory for the country, work for mankind


In terms of energy, medicine is a way and method to improve physical health, mental health and the development of great wisdom. It is the crystallization of ancient and modern human wisdom, the highest achievement of medical science, and the core method system for the development of human physical and mental wisdom. Human life comes from nature. In the process of life formation, when nature creates life, it creates the operating rules of life. Human life survives under the action of such natural rulesWe will grasp our own life according to the original operation rules of life. It is the use of the unified field principle of electromagnetic force, the use of electromagnetic force rotating power generation to increase the number of human electrons, improve human energy, improve human immunity, and increase the internal self-healing ability of human body.According to the energy medical methods can maximize the level of human health, so that people's quality of life is more improved


       Energy medicine is a highest medical category of natural medicine, its unique, not only can eliminate more than 95 percent of the major diseases of the human body, can make the human health to achieve the level, and can prevent 95 percent of the major diseases;At the same time also eliminate the human mental illness, so that the human state of mind to achieve the bestIt can also develop the human brain in an all-round way through the promotion of human energy.To maximize the human wisdom, become a highly civilized human.Natural medicine has a lot of kinds, have rely on natural medicaments, have anion therapy, natural physiotherapy, have food health care, also useful health care product perfect the body, these are natural medicine


      Although energy medicine is also a category of natural medicine, it is the only internal medicine that is different from all natural medicine.Its own significance is beyond all the highest achievements of medicine, it will thoroughly solve human physical health, mental health and the development of human wisdom of the multiple tasks, which is the previous all medical can not be comparedAs a new medical achievement is not the average person who can understand, just like air as power energy, hydropower: no, not coal, not magnetic power, pollution-free energy is not people understand, energy medicine is not an injection, do not take medicine, there is no external means, without any side effects will not be understoodWe now speak of natural medicine, is established by method of self healing of the function of the body itself, this just say have to is the natural medicine, this medicine is an ancient medical theory and modern academic energy the most perfect combination, so called energy medicine, this method does not use, do not give or take an injection, without any auxiliary material, strengthening body completely self-healing capabilityBecause, any treatment must be based on the body's ability to heal, there is no treatment can cure the disease, the so-called treatment is only to help improve the ability to healStrengthening the human body's self-healing ability is the real way, but also the way to thoroughly prevent some diseases, which is the most rational way for human beings so far, but also the ideal way to completely eliminate human diseases and protect human health

IIReplenish the body's lack of electrons

    On medicine, energy through the body's internal spiral electronic movement, strengthen the body's magnetic field, electric field and enhance the human body, increase the body electronics, electronic, replenish the body lack make acid in a stable state, to avoid the acid corrosion state of matter, and thus protect cells from damage, reduce the harm to the body.More than a dozen cancer patients have been cured by this method, and only one has failedIt can be said that the cancer problem has been overcome, not only can effectively prevent the occurrence of cancer, and can completely eliminate the cancer that has been found without serious metastasis, later people will not worry about cancer.Since it can deal with cancer, it is also very effective for other difficult diseases

IVImprove cell replication

      Human cell telomere is the energy of cell replication. It enhances human magnetic field and then human electric field through the spiraling movement of electrons inside the human body, and also improves the energy of human cell telomere. When human cells are self-replicating, cell telomere has more powerful energyAfter a strong cell telomere replication again, should have more powerful energy, more powerful magnetic field, and therefore have higher wisdom, will have a stronger immune system, there will be more strong vitality, such parents once again won the children, is the most outstanding human, so the new man was born

VImprove the body's natural healing power

   Make hormone physiological function exuberant, enhance human body electric field can play a powerful effect on health.Increasing the number of human electronic, that is, to improve the body's negative ions can improve the body's internal natural ecological environment, purify the body;It can regulate the internal biological rhythm of human body and inhibit aging.Activate liver and kidney function and intestinal peristalsis functionPH value of blood and body fluids is weak alkaline, promoting the excretion of wastes and toxins in the body;Improve lipid and glucose metabolism;Promote absorption and digestion, produce metabolic hormones and vitamins;Activate cells, inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria and pathogenic bacteria, prevent infection

IResearch process

      Research and practice have proved that the principle of upper medical science comes from the Book of Changes, the Yellow Emperor's Internal Canon, and the operation principle of meridian of upper medical science comes from the Book of Medicine Jin Jian, that is to say, the upper medical science handed down in ancient ChinaIt is the highest medical achievement of The emperor's Inner Canon, the oldest medical book in China, and the combination of modern electromagnetic force theory to find a method system that synchronizes human body and mind to the highest level

core principles of medicine

      1, start the human body's own engine to improve the energy of the human body in all directions, so as to improve the vitality, so that the quality of life to achieve the ultimate;


      2, on the balance of Yin and Yang of the body is to improve the human immunity, improve the human energy system, automatic defense system, automatic repair system, automatic improvement system, improve the function of the immune system, the problem of human body self-healing ability.Improve their detoxification function, improve people's spirit, to achieve Yin Pingyang secret spirit is the effect of treatment

       3. Improve the magnetization of the human body, because the magnetization of the human body is the spirituality of the human body;When the magnetization of the human body reaches the infinite spirit, the innate wisdom of the human body is produced, and the human has great wisdom.


      4, through the start of the human body chong pulse, open the eight veins of the human body, and then open the twelve serious human body.All diseases of the viscera and viscera should be eliminated, all sub-health should be eliminated, more than 90 percent of incurable and miscellaneous diseases should be eliminated, and more than 90 percent of human diseases should be eliminated


       Twenty years of practical experience tells us that energy medicine can not only treat 100 percent of the sub-health, but also cure more than 90 percent of all difficult and complicated diseases, and it is one-time disease eradication, improve the quality of life will never recurAnd is no medicine, no injection, no surgery, no external force on the human body without a bit of harm, decipher the law of human life movement operation of medicine, this set of methods in the process of learning and training to improve the human energy magnetic fieldIncrease the magnetization function of the human body, improve the life of the human body magnetic, improve the human body intelligence, but also can develop the great wisdom of the human body, so ancient medicine;Energy medicine is the real medicine, is pure green natural medicine, no toxic side effects of medicine

        Over the years, word of mouth has spread among the beneficiaries of the 2009 study: 200 heart patients have been completely cured, 120 rheumatism patients have been cured, and five rheumatoid diseases have been cured.Twelve cancer patients, 11 cured, one treated for terminal cancer, died.Of the 20 hepatitis patients, 15 have recovered and 5 have improved.Fifteen patients with mental illness, including depression, were cured
Eighty percent of the twelve diabetics recovered.All of the twenty patients recovered.Twenty patients with cor pulmonale were adjusted to normal.After more than 2,000 people more than 200 difficult and complicated cases of practice, the success rate of more than 90 percent