Effect of Grinding rock light wave on novel coronavirus
Date:2022-03-01 Topics : New products and technologies

What is a CoronavirusHow to prevent the virus infectionWhat is the most effective way for grinding rock light waves

A virus is an active protein molecule (a viral cell)Degradation and inactivation therefore depend on temperature, humidity and type of attachment material

The best way to tackle viral protein molecules (viral cells)

First, prevention

Novel coronavirus is a viral protein molecule (viral cell) coated with a protective layer of lipid (fat)When absorbed by the mucosa cells of the eye, nose or cheek, the genetic code is altered (mutated) into an attacker, and the mutated cells (viruses) multiply

In fact, it's a thin layer of fat that protects viral protein molecules (viral cells)Just rub your hands for 20 seconds or longerBy creating large amounts of foam that dissolves the fat layer, the viral protein molecules disperse and break down

Second, inactivate kill

Viral protein molecules (viral cells) whose genetic code is altered and mutated indicate biological activityBut the new coronavirus is very fragile, the most temperature fear, above 28, is inactivated, its protective layer of lipid (fat) is dissolved

The magic thermoelectric and piezoelectric effects produced by Grinding rock light wave machine are exactly the same as the thermoelectric and piezoelectric effects needed for lifeThe temperature can reach 70, melt the fat protective layer covered by the toxic protein molecules (virus cells), decompose the virus structure, and the virus is killed by inactivation, and the inactivation rate can reach more than 99.9%Its emitted natural far infrared light wave energy is a kind of light wave beneficial to human body, is a kind of life of light wave, biological wave, bioelectricity

The experiment proves that the Grinding rock light wave machine is a novel Coronavirus killing artifact, each time 30 minutes, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, to achieve satisfactory results  

Third, grinding rock light wave machine irradiation inactivation

Novel coronavirus (protein molecule, virus cell) is very inertWhen the virus adheres to the porous surface, it can survive for 3 hours on both the fabric and the porous surfaceIt can live for up to 4 hours on copper (because copper is a natural preservative, wood will only remove its moisture, not peel and break down)Survive in cardboard for 24 hours;Metal survives for 42 hours;Plastic can last 72 hours

Shaking clothes or using a feather duster can cause the virus to float in the air for up to three hours, when it can easily enter a person's respiratory tract

 No matter what the clothing, copper, cardboard, metal, plastic and so on, with the Grinding rock light wave machine temperature is adjusted to 60, segment irradiation 30 minutes, all are inactivatedThe patients infected with novel coronavirus were treated with a grinding rock light wave machine that adjusted the temperature to 50, irradiated for 30 minutes at the face and nostril, and irradiated for 30 minutes at the chest and lung, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Satisfactory results were achieved for a week