Causes of decreased immunity
Date:2022-02-25 Topics : Research Dynamics

     Immunity, the best doctor for human health, is the body's ability to resist the attack of external diseases.But modern people pay little attention to their own immunity, many people think that only children need to improve immunity, from their strong body, disease can not find their own;


     In fact, our body will be attacked by diseases, the two main reasons are hypothermia and less exercise.White blood cells are the center of the immune system. When body temperature rises, their gluttonous and bacteria-killing abilities become active


     Fever often occurs when you have a cold or a bad health condition. This is because the body's immune army is at war. The body is trying to raise its temperature so that the white blood cells can fight back


     According to research, when your body temperature drops by one degree C, your immunity drops by more than 30 percent.The average body temperature of the Japanese was 36.8C 50 years ago, but now it is 36.2-36.3C at most, while the average body temperature of most people is only 35C.In other words, the body temperature of modern people has dropped by one degree C, which means that their immunity has dropped by more than 30 percent


     Cancer cells are believed to thrive at 35 degrees Celsius and die at 39.3 degrees Celsius.Perhaps this explains why modern humans, whose body temperatures are mostly 35 degrees C, are so prone to cancer;


      Hypothermia is the cause of all illnesses and ailments.When the body temperature drops and the immune system is weakened, various diseases other than cancer can easily occur.Discomfort symptoms that occur when the body temperature drops


     Pain, headache, lumbago, neuralgia and other pain, many are caused by body cold.If the area of the pain feels hot, it is evidence that the body is trying to warm up so that the blood can circulate well to cure the pain.


     The English word for a COLD is "COLD". As it literally means, a COLD is caused by a COLD in the body.When you catch a cold or bronchitis, you get a fever, which is a symptom of protecting your cold body


     Constipation and edema: if the stomach is too cold, the operation of the intestines and stomach will become dull and lead to constipation, and the excretion of urine and sweat will become poor, so that water and excreta stored in the body, easy to cause edema;


     Mental illness: The number of mental illness patients who commit suicide due to depression is mostly in cold areas, which shows that depression is related to physical cold


There are two main reasons why immunity may decline:


    1. Less exercise in life, less muscle, the body becomes cold and cold;

    2. Living an "easy life" without exercise;


A muscle-free life leads to diminished immunity:


     A big reason for modern people's low body temperature and decreased immunity can be said to be caused by living a convenient and relaxed life without exercising to the body


     Fifty years ago, the average human body temperature was about 1c higher than it is now, because houses were cleaned with long dusters, sweeps and rags.When washing clothes, washboard will be used, knock hard, knock off the besmirch, and then the clothes one by one to air up, like this method of doing household things, is the whole body movement.In the past, the traffic was not very developed, and it was common to walk a long way to buy things, go to work, attend classes and run errands


    In today's society, household appliances such as vacuum cleaners and washing machines are very popular, so even if you don't exercise much, you can do household chores well. You don't have to stand or sit, but you can also press the remote control with a finger of magic power, and everything will be done


    As a result, we move very little and have less opportunity to use our muscles.What happens if we don't use our muscles


    About 40% of the body temperature is produced by muscles, and it is because modern people do not use muscles that their body temperature will drop


     By using muscles, on the other hand, you raise your body temperature.In general, when we do exercise or work our muscles until we start to sweat a little, our body temperature will rise by one degree C. In other words, when we move our body and start to sweat, our immunity will increase by five to six times


Human body heater -- muscle


    Muscle, which can produce more than 40% of the body temperature, is an important organ of heat. It accounts for about 45% of the body weight of men and 36% of the body weight of women, which can be said to be the largest organ of human beings


    For example, a woman who weighs 50 kilograms will have about 18 kilograms of muscle.Did you know that 70 percent of our muscles are in our lower body?So less muscle in the abdomen and legs, which leads to lower body temperature, which directly leads to poorer immunity


    Aging begins in the legs, which means that after a certain age, there is less muscle mass concentrated in the lower body and immunity is weakened


Walking is great for boosting your immune system.Exercise the lower body to help build a healthy body


    Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the abdomen is "central", which means that the abdomen is located in the center of the body, which is the basic and important part of life.You can tell all kinds of things about your body by touching your abdomen, and one thing you have to care about is that your abdomen gets cold


     Cold is the whole body is cold, even people who are afraid of heat, if the stomach feels cold, it is also "cold constitution".Cold will make the body's immunity decline, but among them to the abdomen cold, the most easy to let immunity drop substantially


    Saying so has basis, because there is collecting lymph node immunity organ to wait for the whole body of about 70% lymphatic organization in intestinal tract, because this intestinal tract can say is the center of human body immunity


     In addition, about 90% of the body's serotonin is found in the gut. Many of you may have heard of the term serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter. There is currently a strong link between serotonin deficiency and depression


    Because immune cells are concentrated in the gut, the abdominal muscles are responsible for protecting it.Abdominal muscle weakness, intestinal tract will become cold, cold, resulting in immunity and poor spirit;On the contrary, abdominal muscles are strong, abdominal warmth, intestinal blood circulation will be smooth, body and mind will become vigorous, energetic


    Immune system is one of the important guarantee of health, but the immune function of human body will decline with the increase of age, which is the result of multiple factors


     Among them, congenital factors are secondary, and acquired factors are main, including environment, diet, living habits, diseases and so on.Therefore, in daily life, it is particularly important to pay attention to improve their immunity


Ways to activate immunity


1Get enough sleep:


    In the alternation of seasons, easy to appear because of work pressure, lack of sleep caused by urticaria, herpes zoster and other diseases related to decreased immunity, we must ensure adequate sleep


    Adequate sleep to ensure the physical recovery, energetic wake up, general adult sleep time every day in 7 ~ 8 hours, the elderly can not be less than 6 hours


2Yogurt breakfast:


    A study by the American Institutes of Health found that yogurt lowered levels of "bad" cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein LDL) and reduced the risk of urinary tract infections by 47 percent;


    Some yoghurt contains probiotics, but also can greatly improve the body's immunity and disease resistance


3Eat more garlic:


    A study at the University of Maryland Medical Center found that eating garlic regularly not only boosts your immune system, but also helps prevent heart disease.However, patients with gastrointestinal diseases should eat less;


    However, allicin is volatile when it is hot, so it is recommended to be mashed and placed for 10 to 15 minutes before eating, so that allicin and allicin and other substances interact with each other to improve the nutritional value


4Often drink honey water, ginger water, lemon water:


     Studies have shown that the antioxidants in honey are immune-boosting boosters;Ginger is a natural analgesic and poison, has a certain role in fighting infection;Lemons are rich in vitamin C and have antioxidant properties


     Foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin C protect the body from free radicals and harmful molecules and promote a healthy immune system


5Enjoy afternoon tea time:


    After 3 or 4 o 'clock in the afternoon, the body's energy begins to decline, at this time, drinking a cup of afternoon tea or coffee, eating some snacks can not only replenish calories, but also relieve fatigue after continuous work, through self-regulation, to maintain a healthy immune system


6Exercise every week:


     According to a report from the US National Library of Medicine, exercise helps "flush" bacteria out of the lungs and improves the immune system's ability to detect disease.


     Modern people work under great pressure, but under the condition of normal physical condition, five days a week, 30 to 60 minutes of exercise each time can be guaranteed


7Get more sun:


     By keeping vitamin D levels high, you're better at preventing sore throats, common colds and stuffy noses;


     Generally speaking, at ten o 'clock in the morning and four o 'clock in the afternoon, the ultraviolet ray is on the low side, which can avoid hurting the skin. The time that basks in each time does not exceed half an hour


8Keep smiling:


    American Stanford university researchers found that laughter can increase the number of antibodies and immune cells in blood and saliva, relieve fatigue, is to improve immunity medicine;


    In life, more positive thoughts, through sports, reading, chatting with friends meditation and other ways to divert attention, reduce stress


9Meditation is a great way to boost your immune system:


     Meditation strengthens both the body and the mind -- strengthens the mental immune system, increases mental resistance, and improves the physical immune system


     For the body: because the lower body is coiled, the heart to the upper body blood supply will increase, so in a short period of time can feel sober, more importantly, because of the increase in blood supply, the upper body qi and blood circulation will be significantly improved, and then reflected in cold resistance, respiratory system, spine, immune system overall improvement 


     For psychology: while meditating, take your mind back, guard yourself, adjust the rhythm of your breathing, feel your breathing become long, feel your body heat.Then it is to restore their perception to make the body more sensitive, zhilengzhilengzhishi, where the feeling is not comfortable, there is a reaction immediately


     A little virtual evil wind comes in, the skin pores can shrink, did not feel the people is open the door to let the enemy come in, feel their hiccups, farting, spitting, cold, which is a major performance to enhance immunity